Making your very own working AMIIBO CARDS is very easy and can be a fun project to play around with. In order to do this you will need few things.

  1. Android Phone
  2. TAGMO APP which can be downloaded from Github. [Link]
  3. Configuration Files (These can be found by googling unfixed-info.bin and locked-secret.bin)
  4. Blank NT215 NFC Tags [ Stickers / Cards ]
  5. Amiibo Data Bins [ Link ]
  6. Nintendo Switch


You will want to make sure that you have an Android phone that is capable of NFC and sideload the TAGMO apk file.

  1. Place Confirguration and Amiibo .bin files in an accessible folder on your phone.
  2. Sideload the Tagmo and launch.
  3. On the side load app, you will need to go to the menu at the top right and Load Key(s) file. These are the 2 configuration files you searched and downloaded. They are needed to decrypt and encrypt the Amiibo .bin files into the NFC tags.
  4. Select the LOAD TAG button and select your Amiibo .bin file.
  5. Select the WRITE TAG button and press your NTAG215 NFC tag on your Android device.
  6. Once you hear the beep notification, congratulations on creating your own Amiibo tag.

Now that you have the activated tag, You can just go ahead and use it with your Switch in the same manner you would your Amiibo.