Mortal Engines

It’s been two days since I saw this movie and I still don’t know how to properly feel about it. I’ve seen many movies like this before, Mortal Engines had a great first run on Marketing. The site of a huge Mobile England eating another smaller country, in the age of Brexit, excited me. But the marketing on this movie seems to have stopped there, months ago. Whenever I see this happens, it is a clear sign the movie studios are trying to make sure not to lose too much on a movie that they feel will not make it. And after a disappointing opening weekend, they gambled right.

Mortal Engines was a decent ride to say the least. My only issues were that some of the characters felt too vague or stereotypical. Huge portions of the story felt compressed but the movie felt like it was dragging itself. Sadly having me snooze off briefly during the climax fight at the end of the movie. 

That being said, I don’t see myself watching this movie a second time. Maybe in 30 years I’ll find a DVD of it but forget why I never saw it again, only to remind myself or snooze in the end again. Sorry kids watch at your own risk, cannot recommend this movie. 

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