The Batcave

The Maldito Batcave 5.0

I first started working on my desk setup/battlestation/Office in the early 2k’s. While it’s never really been out there I have always tried to keep upgrading it with better equipment and a bit more style.

My setup has been the place where I try to be my most creative and the place where I try to consume the most. It is my fortress of solitude. And will continue to always be ever changing.

With the Exception of the minimal space I’ve always had for it, a majority of my equipment started out as junk or hand me downs and I have since replaced it with updated hardware.

In 2016 I decided to give the room some personal colors, in 2017 I upgraded my desk from a $20 IKEA desktop to a nice hard wood counter-top (Still IKEA thought). This year had a number of significant change I built a gaming PC to replace all the prebuilt or hand me downs I’ve had in the past. I replaced the old LCD monitors with 2 ultrawide LG’s, added a smartlighting system and to top off 2018 my wife upgraded my old leather chair for Xmas with a KILLABEE gaming chair, a pretty awesome Minifridge and a few other accessories.

For 2019 I am contemplating a retouch on the walls from 2016 and a possible rearrangement of furniture. Much like V 4.0 I want to continue to try and create sections for the various things I tinker with. Such as 3D printing, electronics, livestreaming/Gaming, managing a small server, along with managing my day to day office like activities. Through these posts I am hoping to document and show any tips and tricks I learn along the way.

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